Thursday, 10 September 2009


Under the newly Sinhalasised health system in Northern Sri Lanka, medical horror stories are emerging from the Vavuniya IDP camps.The appalling stories have been brought to light by sources within the camps, who refused to state their names out of fear of retribution from Sri Lankan authorities.
This is in addition to fears of flooding by the displaced people, who are being held in closed camps guarded by soldiers. Monsoon rains are expected to begin in little more than a month, and many aid groups worry that the hastily constructed camps will not survive the inundation.
idp_kidsIn this backdrop, out of the government’s fear that Tamil medical personnel in the IDP camps may expose the real situation and statistics to media and the outside world, the Sri Lankan government has begun a pogrom of installing Singhalese health officials into the camps and begun removing the Tamil officers.
Under such trying circumstances, with thousands of pregnant women, children and the elderly forming much of the sick and injured IDP population, deaths have inevitably increased and the true figures of these deaths have been systematically erased by the newly appointed Singhalese heath authorities who have been carrying out the government’s special orders.

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